We are Seven Sixty Degrees

Our passion is to develop bespoke business solutions. We utilise smart technologies and tools to handle the operational nitty gritty so you can concentrate on growing your business and connecting with your clients, we give technology that human touch. We pride ourselves on quality products and even better service.



It’s our calling to redefine the ways businesses connect with clients and services. We expect everything we do to be ingenious, insight-led, and polished to perfection. No matter what the application, purpose or technology we use, we create work that inspires.

We are ‘Future Thinkers’ and it underpins every single thing we do. Being ‘Future Thinkers’ is about being inquisitive. Hungry. Asking questions; especially the difficult ones other people aren’t asking. Why? Because by understanding what ‘the next big thing’ will be. We can help clients take advantage of it right away.



  • Business Intelligence

  • Application Development

  • Operational Workflows

  • Reports and Financial Tools

  • IT Systems Planning

Our Process

The Mantra.

When we take on any project there are a number of steps we take to make sure we cover every aspect of the business process, only then will we start to develop deploy and support your ideal solution.

Initial Ideas

We meet with you to collect the initial ideas you have for the solution. We ask you a number of questions to help us understand your business and how you communicate with your clients, we tease out aspects of the project you may never have considered.We form a point of origin that is underpinned by your businesses operational needs.

Devising a Solution

After we meet with you we go back and consider every aspect of the business and what would be the best solution, this is where we’re different. We build intelligent modules to suit the business perfectly. This is not off the shelf development, this is something special.


Before we even start to develop, we document all aspects of the solution we’ve come up with. This is then presented to you and revised, then revised again. Once we’re all completely happy with it and know exactly what you’re getting is when we start, this speeds up development and eliminates surprises.


Once we’ve gathered all the information on the application and your business we start development. When we develop anything we ensure only the latest technology and practices are used. We use application frameworks that optimise process efficiency and platform compatibility for all devices.

Testing and QA

When we finish any application, before it ends up in the hands of our customers it undergoes a rigorous testing and quality assurance process. We test every module for business logic, security vulnerabilities and performance.


Only once the project has cleared our testing phase do we enter deployment. We finalise the project by deploying the developed solution onto your IT infrastructure. It’s with you and you own it. To round out the project we sit down with you and provide product training on the finalised application.


We would love to hear from you

We all have big ideas, some bigger than others. But that’s no matter. We’re here to help you make those ideas a reality. Maybe you don’t know how you would even achieve it, or you can’t find someone who can. What ever the situation we’re here to help.




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